NEW FEATURES For nearly the past century, ZENITH has been a brand dedicated to high quality, low maintenance products, that support the family's needs on entertainment. However, we believe we can do more with our performance. And from now on, we go by "ZENITH." (All caps) ZENITH now wants to bring you a convenient life with our support no matter where you are going. ZENITH's ideals and reputation has set up a technology brand for limitless amount of our new features, of which can be cateforized within six general classifications: (A) Service, (B) Product, (C) Event, (D) Education, (E) Environment, and (F) Experience. Within these groups, ZENITH has developed the new features that reach from private space to public space.
ZE_WEAR We want you to be able to access our service and browsing information easily and make your life more efficient. So, here we are presenting “ZE_Wear.” ZE_Wear is our wearable devices line and we have been developing diverse products that offer everything you can wear from contact lenses to clothes and accessories. The projector on the ZE_Wear will catch your movement to help you access our platform. You also can customize it to wear wherever is more convenient for you. 
POP_ZE Your convenience is really important to ZENITH. That’s why we want to introduce you “Pop_ZE” which is a pop-up store that will appear in different locations to fit your needs. So you don’t need a long trip to UniC_ZE. We will provide our best products and services and also the ZE_Bot will assist you with all your needs. 
ZE_WORK We want you to join us to explore how we make your life more convenient and efficient. So, we want to introduce you to our event “ZE_Work” which stands for ZENITH Hands-On Workshop. The event offers you chances to transform your goods to personal branded wearable devices. And our best employee, ZE_Bot, will help you to achieve the best finishing on your devices.
ZE_Bot is the robot we created and it’s our best employee providing the best service for you. ZE_Bot can answer any questions you have, assist with your repairs, also study your behavior to offer you the most suitable service because we know what’s important to you. ZENITH also offers the ZE_Bot rental and door to door service through your devices so that you can enjoy our technology at home or anywhere you are. ZE_BOT
We know your goods are important to you. So, we want to provide the service that can help you to revive your goods. “ZE_Juvenate” is one of our amazing services to remind you what’s important to you. We will help you to transform your goods to smaller sizes that will be easier for you to carry. Also we can transform your clothes and accessories to wearable devices. ZE_JUVENATE
UniC_ZE stands for ZENITH Universal Center, but we go by UniC_ZE (pronounced “unique-zi.”) The center has three sections which are the ZE_Ware, the ZE_Hub, and ZE_Bar. The ZE_Ware is our warehouse where we display and sell our products. The ZE_Bar is our repair bar and we offer a relaxing area that will keep you entertained while waiting for our services. The ZE_Hub has 5 different sizes of rooms that have multiple uses. We will hold events and workshops here.  UNIC_ZE